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How Much Does Our Specialist SEO Cost?

Monthly SEO + Advanced Chatbot
$750 / month

Comprehensive Local SEO strategy

Complete AI Chatbot functionality.

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Class-leading SEO that will increase your rankings on a wide range of keywords.

Monthly SEO

$550 / month

Customised Local SEO services

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We focus on developing your rankings and improving the user experience on your site.

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Why Tradies Need our Local SEO Experts:

  • Targeted Reach: Pinpoint your audience in Brisbane and Sydney, ensuring your services are seen by those who matter most.
  • Competitive Edge: Stay ahead of local competitors with optimized online visibility and top rankings on search engines.
  • Increased Conversions: Local SEO drives quality leads, translating into higher conversion rates for your tradie business.
  • Customer Trust: A strong online presence builds trust. Potential clients are more likely to choose a tradie they find easily online.
  • Cost-Effective Marketing: Local SEO offers high returns at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional advertising.

Check out our free local SEO tips for tradies guide to help get you started!

Why Choose TradieBots?

Customized SEO Plans: Our SEO strategies are not one-size-fits-all; they are meticulously crafted for trades and construction businesses. We understand that each trade has unique challenges and requirements. As an expert local SEO agency, we tailor our SEO plans to ensure that every aspect of your digital presence is optimized to its fullest potential.

Niche-Focused Strategies: Resonance is key in the digital world. We delve deep into understanding your niche, identifying what makes your trade business stand out. By aligning our strategies with the specifics of your industry, we ensure that your digital footprint speaks directly to your target audience.

Top of Local Search Results: Our goal is to position your business at the forefront of local search results. Through meticulous optimization, we ensure that your tradie services are the first to catch the attention of potential clients in your locality. We are known as the #1 provider of local SEO for tradies for a good reason because we get the job done right the first time!

Harnessing Regional SEO: The power of regional SEO is harnessed to its fullest. By tailoring strategies that align with your service area, we help you attract customers who are actively seeking tradie services within your geographic reach.

Australia-wide service:

Real, Tangible Results: Our approach is not just about visibility; it’s about results that impact your bottom line. We focus on tangible outcomes, driving increased visibility, higher rankings, and a consistent flow of quality leads to your business.

Impact on Your Bottom Line: We understand that the ultimate measure of success is the impact on your business. Our results-driven approach is geared towards transforming your digital presence into a revenue-generating powerhouse.

Over 50 Successful Local SEO Campaigns: Experience matters, and we have it in abundance. With a track record of executing over 50 successful Local SEO campaigns, we bring a wealth of expertise to the table. Our proven success is a testament to our ability to deliver results consistently.

Transforming Tradies into Powerhouses: Our portfolio speaks volumes about our capability to transform tradies into online powerhouses. We don’t just optimize; we revolutionize your digital presence, ensuring that your business becomes a force to be reckoned with in the online landscape.

Unmatched Expertise: With over 11 years of experience, our expertise in the SEO domain is unmatched. We bring a wealth of knowledge and insights, staying ahead of industry trends to provide you with the most cutting-edge solutions.

Comprehensive Suite of SEO Services: Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our comprehensive suite of SEO services. Tailored specifically for tradies, these services encompass every aspect of digital optimization, ensuring a holistic approach to enhancing your online presence.

Why Invest In Your SEO?

93% of Online Experiences Start with a Search

When customers seek a skilled trade on the Gold Coast, 93% commence their quest through a search engine such as Google. The crucial inquiry is: Will your business be on their radar?

75% Never Go Beyond the First Page

An astounding 75% of users never venture beyond the initial page of search results. If your website doesn’t secure a top-ranking position, you’re forfeiting a considerable share of your potential market. Get hustling with SEO for tradies and get to the top of the rankings today!

67,000 Google Searches Every Second

In the digital crowd of 67,000 searches happening on Google every second, the challenge is not just attracting potential clients but making sure they can find you. Our Gold Coast SEO Consultant is ready to help you reach the top of the pack!

We can handle your SEO, so you don’t have to

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Is Seo A Good Investment For Your Business?

SEO represents a strategic investment, strategically laying the foundations for sustained visibility within search engine results. Through meticulous optimization for pertinent keywords and the delivery of valuable content, our specialized local SEO proficiency ensures not just credibility but the establishment of a resilient online presence that stands the test of time.

In comparison to traditional advertising avenues, SEO emerges as a cost-effective marketing solution. While paid advertising may drive immediate traffic, its efficacy diminishes as the budget depletes. SEO, however, perpetually generates organic traffic without incurring ongoing per-click expenses, presenting a sustainable and economically efficient alternative.

SEO empowers businesses to engage with a highly targeted audience actively seeking their specific products or services. Strategic optimization for industry-specific keywords magnetizes visitors genuinely interested in your business offerings, fostering elevated conversion rates and a substantial return on investment (ROI).

Given the dynamic nature of the digital landscape, SEO strategies exhibit remarkable adaptability to shifts in market trends, algorithms, and user behaviour. Investment in SEO safeguards your business’s agility, poised to pivot and recalibrate strategies to outpace competitors and navigate evolving digital terrains.

For businesses with a localized footprint, the investment in Local SEO holds exceptional value. Precision optimization for location-specific keywords coupled with meticulous management of your business information across online platforms amplifies visibility within your community. This not only fuels foot traffic but also fosters robust local customer engagement.

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