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…that works!

Get more genuine customers and less tire-kickers!

Our local SEO for landscapers and landscaping companies can help your website boost its rankings so that potential customers in your neighbourhood, suburb and street see your website before your competitors.

Forget whipper-snipping through online obscurity – our Local SEO is like sunshine on your website, fertilizing it to the top of search results.

If you have been searching for a reputable SEO company to help you get more customers, we are confident that we have the skills, expertise and experience to get the job done right the first time.

Stop dealing with apprentice SEO companies…we are the Local SEO professionals!

Over 50 successful Local SEO campaigns

More than 11 years experience as an Australian SEO Specialist

We have the runs on the board

We have that secret SEO fertilizer to boost your website rankings!!!


“A staggering 98% of people read online reviews for local businesses”


We are ready to make sure that your customers are reading positive reviews of your services so that you can secure more customers!

What are our Local SEO For Landscapers Rates?

Monthly SEO + Advanced Chatbot
$750 / month

Comprehensive Local SEO strategy

Complete AI Chatbot functionality.

Our best value service.

Suitable for all websites.

Class-leading SEO that will increase your rankings on a wide range of keywords.

Monthly SEO

$550 / month

Customised Local SEO services

All work is completed in-house.

We focus on developing your rankings and improving the user experience on your site.

How Can SEO Help Your Landscaping Website?

Claim your digital green space. our Google My Business profile will be a blooming beauty, with stunning photos of your landscape masterpieces, glowing reviews, and precise NAPW listings. Be the oasis Google leads to.

We’ll sprinkle strategic keywords like “garden design near me” and “landscape maintenance local” throughout your website, making Google swoon over your local SEO game.

Like meticulously laid irrigation lines, we’ll connect your business to relevant online directories and industry forums, building a network that sends search engines buzzing with your authority.

From inspiring blog posts on garden trends to informative tips on pest control, we’ll craft content that keeps visitors hooked and tells Google you’re the landscape guru. Remember, knowledge is power in Google’s eyes.

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest – they’re all in our garden! Share captivating before-and-after photos, post helpful DIY tips, and engage with your local community. Show them you’re not just a landscaper, you’re the friendly green thumb neighbour they can trust.

Should You Invest In SEO?

93% of Online Experiences Start with a Search

When customers seek a skilled trade on the Gold Coast, 93% commence their quest through a search engine such as Google. The crucial inquiry is: Will your business be on their radar?

75% Never Go Beyond the First Page

An astounding 75% of users never venture beyond the initial page of search results. If your website doesn’t secure a top-ranking position, you’re forfeiting a considerable share of your potential market. Get hustling with SEO for tradies and get to the top of the rankings today!

67,000 Google Searches Every Second

In the digital crowd of 67,000 searches happening on Google every second, the challenge is not just attracting potential clients but making sure they can find you. Our content marketing for tradies is designed to make sure you provide the best first impression to your customers.

We can handle your Local SEO campaign, so you don’t have to

SEO Business Meeting with plumber in office

What Does Our Local SEO Service For Landscaping Companies Include?

  • Claim your throne: We’ll make sure your Google My Business profile shines like a polished chrome faucet. Verify it, optimize it, and add mouthwatering photos of your happy customers and impeccable work. Remember, first impressions matter! ✨
  • Reviews are gold: Encourage your happy clients to sing your praises online. These virtual gold stars tell Google you’re the real deal, and potential customers see you as the hero they need, not just another guy with a wrench.
  • Local citations: We’ll build a network of citations like a meticulously laid pipe system, pointing search engines right to your doorstep. Think online directories, industry forums, and local Facebook groups. Every mention is a boost! ️
  • Sprout the right keywords, watch your website bloom: SEO optimization for landscapers!
  • Forget sprinkling random seeds of words – we’ll cultivate a potent keyword garden for your website. We’re talking “garden design near me,” “landscaping ideas,” and “local lawn care” – the golden fertilizer that makes Google swoon over your local SEO game.
  • Content that keeps visitors digging: Blogs brimming with seasonal trends, FAQs sprouting helpful tips, and even playful “plant this, not that” guides – we’ll craft engaging content that keeps visitors entranced. Remember, informative is the secret language of Google trust.
  • Mobile-first, always: Because phones rule the digital jungle, we’ll make sure your website blooms beautifully on any screen. Think responsive as a freshly mown lawn, smooth as a winding garden path – your online paradise will be accessible to everyone.
  • To get started, check out the Website Optimisation for Beginners guide that Google provides.
  • Facebook, Instagram, TikTok – we’ve got you covered. Share before-and-after photos of your skilled prowess, post helpful tips, and engage with your community. Show them you’re not just a landscaper, you’re a relatable neighbour they can trust.
  • Run targeted ads: Boost your local reach with laser-focused social media ads. Target specific neighbourhoods, demographics, and even keywords. 
  • Real-time analytics: We’ll monitor your progress like a high-tech weather station, analyzing what’s thriving and what needs trimming. Are those keywords attracting bees or just butterflies? We’ll adjust your strategy with precision, ensuring your online garden flourishes.
  • SEO is a slow grow, not a quick sprout: Climbing the Google mountain takes consistent nurturing and optimization. We’ll be your gardening guide, weeding out inefficiencies and tending to your online growth every step of the way.

The digital landscape is ever-changing, and so are search engine algorithms. TradieBots keeps a finger on the pulse of industry updates and adapts SEO strategies accordingly. Whether it’s algorithm changes or emerging trends, we ensure that your website remains at the forefront, consistently delivering optimal results.

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