AI Chatbots For Tradies

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A 24/7 virtual assistant…for a fraction of the price of a receptionist

  • Boost profits
  • Stop wasting time on tire-kickers
  • Increase genuine customers
  • Save time and hassle
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Let’s cut to the chase, what are the rates for our AI Chatbots?

Basic AI Chatbot

$150 / Month

For low to medium volume websites.

Simple conversation flow

Perfect for businesses that want to improve their customer experience

Advanced AI Chatbot

$300 / Month

For medium to high volume websites.

Instant quoting.

Zapier integration to streamline your business.

An effective way of saving you time and hassle

Advanced AI Chatbot & SEO

$750 / Month

Complete AI Chatbot functionality.

Our best value service.
Suitable for all websites.

Class-leading SEO that will increase your rankings on a wide range of keywords

Studies show that businesses sell 3x more when their websites use AI sales bots!

How can an AI Chatbot help your business?

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Did you know that a staggering 82% of customers expect immediate responses to their queries? With an AI Chatbot, you’re never “out of office.” Your potential clients can get answers and assistance around the clock, enhancing customer satisfaction and trust.

AI Chatbots process requests at lightning speed, reducing wait times for your clients. They also ensure consistent and accurate responses, minimizing errors and misunderstandings.

As your business grows, so does the volume of inquiries. AI Chatbots effortlessly scale to meet your needs without increasing overhead costs.

Our Advanced Chatbot doesn’t just answer questions; it provides instant, customized quotes to potential clients. Speed up the decision-making process and secure more jobs.

Seamlessly connect your chatbot to other business apps with Zapier integration. From CRM to project management, streamline your processes and save valuable time.

Keep clients engaged and informed with automated updates, reminders, and valuable content. Happy clients are more likely to become loyal, repeat customers.

Would an AI Chatbot suit your business?

Construction Worker at work

AI Chatbots are a game-changer for businesses in the trades and construction industry. They’re ideally suited for:

1. Tradies and Contractors:
Plumbers, electricians, carpenters, builders, and other trade professionals can benefit from AI Chatbots that handle appointment scheduling, FAQs, and quote requests efficiently.

2. Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs):
SMEs in the construction and maintenance sector can leverage AI Chatbots to improve customer service without increasing staffing costs.

3. Service-Oriented Businesses:
If your business relies on delivering top-notch service, an AI Chatbot can enhance client interactions and ensure you’re always there when your clients need you.

4. Anyone Looking for Growth:
Whether you’re just starting or have an established business, AI Chatbots can help you scale and reach new heights.

Get The AI Advantage

In the fast-paced world of building, construction and property maintenance,
every minute counts!
Your business thrives on efficiency and top-notch customer service,
and that’s where AI Chatbots can transform your operations.
We are ready to help you incorporate AI into your business to help give you
a competitive edge.

We handle your website stuff…so that you can get your stuff done!

Are You Ready to Transform Your Business?

At TradieBots, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing trades and construction businesses in Australia. Our AI Chatbots and SEO for tradies packages are tailored to your needs, designed to boost efficiency, customer satisfaction, and your bottom line.

Join the ranks of successful tradies and contractors who have embraced automation and watch your business thrive. Take the first step towards a brighter future by exploring our Basic and Advanced Chatbot services today.

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Get The Right Tool For Your Job

In the digital age, staying ahead of the competition means more than just delivering quality work, it’s about providing a seamless customer experience.

That’s where GPT for tradies come into play. These virtual assistants are transforming the game for tradies and service businesses, and if you haven’t considered integrating them into your website, you’re missing out on a game-changing opportunity.

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